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Serving the Lodi area since 1986

The Team

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Stephen Walker entered the property/casualty aspect of the insurance industry in 1981.  After discovering that so many families were unnecessarily spending-down their assets, he took an interest in Estate planning as a means of preserving their assets through annuities and life insurance.  Since then, his client base has preserved millions of dollars using Medi-Cal approved Programs such as Annuities, Final Expense Burial Trusts and, through our attorney, Revocable Living Trusts.

Renee Galaz joined S. Walker & Associates in 2003 with California Insurance and Notary Licenses. Renee manages the case files of all current and prospective clients, making sure all receive 110% in customer service.

Renee has lived in Lodi for over 30 years and is married (with three children) to a local business owner.  She works part time at Walker & Associates so that she can devote herself more fully to her family and volunteer work.

Christy Spoto:  "One of my greatest joys is helping people make informed decisions about financial and insurance plans.  My clients are confident that planning in advance will mitigate unexpected events and may deflect any incident that could be financially detrimental and personally life altering for families."

Christy is delighted to be returning to Walker & Associates with her new role as business partner with Stephen Walker who has owned the brokerage since 1986. In 2006, Christy worked at Walker & Associates assisting clients with their estate planning needs. After a few years she moved to another agency closer to home to provide individuals and business executives with life, disability and long term care planning. She feels that every individuals' needs are unique and she excels at finding the best insurance solutions for each circumstance.

Insurance needs occur throughout one's life. As one accumulates their estate, having life and disability insurance protects ones income, and long term care planning and having a revocable living trust alleviate much difficulty down the road. Tending to these issues in advance allows families to trust that they have done all that they can to make a difficult situation much more manageable. Christy's clients appreciate her personal touch, her individual attention to detail, and her clear communication. Christy is the mother of two adult daughters and lives in Sacramento with her husband. Her family makes wine and owns a local boutique winery. She is an active member of the American River Trail Patrol where, on horseback, she helps protect the parkway and its visitors. When time allows, she creates custom mosaic art.

At Walker & Associates, our mission is to provide
innovative solutions and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Stephen Walker - Owner
California Insurance License #0630021

Christy Spoto - Owner
California Insurance License #0F08400

Renee Galaz - Office Mgr & Assoc
California Insurance License #0E55216


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