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S. Walker & Associates, Inc. works exclusively in the area of long-term care planning.  Our counseling services are provided in our office or your home without cost or obligation.  We are qualified to assist you and your family in the areas of:

  • Medi-Cal Planning and Qualification
  • Long-term Care Insurance
  • Final Expense Plans
  • Revocable Living Trusts

Long Term Care Planning

Long term care is the number one cause of impoverishment among retirees in the United States.  Medicare and HMO’s do not pay for long term care nor will a revocable living trust protect your assets from these costs.

The costs are staggering.  The average nursing home stay is 3.6 years at $84,000 per year and rising.  Care at home can even cost more.  We can help!

Medi-Cal Qualification

Whether you’re single or married, we can help protect your savings and avoid unnecessary distress and expenses by:

  • Properly positioning assets to avoid “spend-down and recovery”
  • Assist in completing Medi-Cal applications and attending the interview
Renee Galaz

Renee Galaz
Office Mgr & Associate

California Insurance
License #0E55216

  • Give you options that provide both safety and liquidity with the opportunity to earn higher interest rates
  • Provide trained, honest assistance in achieving your estate planning goals

Insurance & Financial Services

Seniors citizens that have worked hard all their lives want to know how to preserve their estate when they or a loved one must enter a nursing home.

You have the legal right to protect your life savings for yourself, your spouse or your loved ones.

Stephen Walker

Stephen Walker

California Insurance
License #0630021

Tel: (209) 368-7503

Christy Spoto

Christy Spoto

California Insurance License #0F08400

Tel: (916) 265-3500

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